Seven Churches

Looking for Clues

Are you ready to be a detective?

The apostle John received a Revelation about Jesus. He got this from an angel sent directly from Heaven. John was told to write down what he saw and heard and send it to the seven churches (more on that later).

The word Revelation basically means to unveil or reveal something, like solving a mystery. So if we don’t understand something in the book of Revelation, our job is mainly to look for clues. Because it’s the Revelation of Jesus – we’ll be looking for clues about who Jesus is and what he’s been doing.

Here’s our first clue

Jesus loves us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. (Rev. 1:5)

Washed us in his blood? Really? Does that sound weird?

Here’s the facts: God’s perfect. We are not. We do bad stuff sometimes. That’s called sin. The result of sin is death. So we all will die forever if someone doesn’t rescue us.

God became a man and his name was Jesus – he never sinned. He died the death we deserve even though he didn’t deserve it and didn’t have to. He actually chose to do this. Why? He did this because he loves you and me and wants to rescue us. When we admit we’ve sinned and ask forgiveness, Jesus gives us his goodness and life eternal. Awesome!

How do I know this? Look up these clues to find out.

John 3:16

1 John 1:8-9

Romans 6:23

Here’s what we’ve found so far about the Jesus in Revelation. Jesus died for us – that shows how much he loves us. Jesus also forgives us when we confess our sins to him. He gives us eternal life – freely.

And let him that is thirsty come, and whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. -Revelation 22:17

This sounds like the kind of God I can love and serve. How about you?

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