Seven Seals

The Greatest Coronation EVER!

The Crisis

Picture this. There is a serious crisis in the universe. Satan has rebelled against God and now there’s a huge rebellion on earth as well. Things are spiraling out of control. God’s plan to save mankind from self-destruction will only work if there is someone perfect, and I mean PERFECT for the job at hand. Clearly no man has ever fit this description, until…

Until God sent his only son Jesus to this earth. Jesus lived the perfect life and died, taking the penalty for man’s rebellion, which is death. But the giver of life could not stay dead. He conquered death and rose from the grave. But wait! If the resurrection was the main event, why did Jesus tell his disciples to, “wait for the promise of the Father”? Acts 1:4 What were they waiting for?

The Throne Room

The book of Revelation gives us a peek into the very throne room of God in chapters 4 & 5. There we find a most amazing description of the Most Important Coronation, EVER! And a clue about what the disciples were waiting for.



The throne of God is surrounded with dazzling jewel colors and a green (emerald) rainbow. Rev 4:3-4 Various kinds of interesting and bizarre heavenly creatures and some white-robed elders, twenty-four of them  surround the throne. Rev. 4:4,8 Everyone is praising and worshiping the creator of the universe. Rev. 4:9-11 Beautiful right! But then John, who’s seeing this in vision, begins to weep. Rev. 5:4 What?

He’s weeping because it seems, there is no man in the entire universe perfect (worthy) enough to open a book completely sealed with seven seals, and is in the right hand of the one sitting on the throne. Yes, that’s God the Father. What is so important about this sealed book?

The Sealed Book

Time to dig for some clues. The special book has writing on both sides. Remember back then books were scrolls, not books with pages.

Sealed Book

Sealed Book

Where else in the Bible are books written on both sides mentioned?

  • God himself wrote on both sides of the two tables of the testimony (the ten commandments). Exod. 32:15
  • Two prophets saw scrolls written on both sides while in prophetic vision. Ezek. 2:9-10 Zech. 5:1-30

So it’s possible this sealed book may refer to God’s covenant with his people and to a prophetic message. Or in the disciples’ language might be called, “the Law and the Prophets”. John 1:45

Just as the scriptures of Jesus’ day (the Law and the Prophets – a.k.a. the Old Testament) all pointed to Jesus and his plan to save mankind (John 5:39), so this special book contained God’s eternal promise to finish his plan of salvation, including judgments on the unbelievers. So if no man could open it and this plan of salvation could not continue – that would be the BIGGEST TRAGEDY ever! We would all eventually die and cease to exist. Yikes! No wonder John was weeping.

The Greatest Coronation EVER!

But look! Here comes the hero – the Lion, the Lamb, the savior of the universe, Jesus. Rev. 5:5-6 He takes the sealed book out of the right hand of God and sits down at right hand of God. Rev. 5:7, Col. 3:1, Heb. 12:2 And a HUGE celebration of praise breaks out. Can you imagine ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angels singing praises to God.



Jesus is worthy to take the book and open the seals. Rev. 5:9 The great plan to eradicate sin and its horrible effects can continue. This is cause for celebration! And the first thing that happens is whoosh – the seven spirits of God (the full, complete measure of God’s Holy Spirit) rush to the earth. Rev. 5:6

That is why Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father. On the day of Pentecost, exactly when the Greatest Coronation EVER was happening in heaven, the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and they went out preaching the gospel with great power. Acts 2:1-4, 33 Peter, who had denied Jesus three times, now preached boldly. His sermon is recorded in Acts chapter 2.

Jesus is now seated on the throne of the universe with complete power . Col. 3:1, Eph. 1:20-22 He has sent us his Holy Spirit which gives us power be witnesses for Him. Jesus will be victorious in this epic battle over evil. This is why all honor and glory belong to Him. Praise the Lord!

This should give you courage as you face challenges in this life. Lift your eyes to Jesus who is working in your behalf with great power and authority.

Do you want your life resting in His capable hands? Give him your heart and your life today. He will not let you down.