Read Revelation Challenge

Starts August 1st

There’s SEVEN BLESSINGS mentioned in the book of Revelation and the first is for those who read the book and take what it says to heart. Who couldn’t use more blessings!

Join me and many others as we read through the book of Revelation in one month. We’ll start on August 1st and finish in one month. Each day you’ll get an email with a chapter to read, one Bible marking activity, and three simple thought questions. For families, kids or grownups. See below for FAQS. Sign up for the Read Revelation Challenge now.

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What is the Read Revelation Challenge ? It’s a resolution or goal to read through the book of Revelation from start to finish in one month. Each day you’ll receive an email with one chapter and three thought questions.

Who’s the Read Revelation Challenge for? Anyone who wants to read the book of Revelation through from beginning to end. For older kids, families, parents or anyone else who’s always wanted to get through Revelation and might have gotten bogged down. Or for those who just want to do it again and experience the blessings that coming from reading this last fascinating book of the Bible.

Reading Revelation scares me. Why should I read it? You’re not alone. Many people are scared of reading Revelation and so don’t get through the whole book. But those who stick with it until the end have a new positive outlook on Revelation and the amazing God it describes. I’ve read through Revelation with several people and 100% of them were no longer scared to read or study Revelation after they finished the whole book. We can do this together!

What’s the benefit to joining the challenge rather than just reading myself? You’re more likely to finish when participating in a challenge. It’s more fun doing this together. We can share our thoughts and encourage each other on a private Facebook group. You’ll receive a link to join the group after you sign-up for the challenge.

Can kids take this challenge? Yes, any kids that can read well can take the challenge. 8-18 year olds can easily take the challenge. Of course, most kids would rather have you read with them. 

Can we use this for family worship? Absolutely. Each day’s reading cover’s one chapter and includes three thought questions. Perfect for family discussions.

What if I don’t know anything about Revelation? You’ll know so much more after this challenge.

What if my kids start asking questions I have no answers for? It’s always okay to say “I don’t know”. Plus there’s tons of blog posts on our site on many topics that will come up. We’ll put handy links at the end of the day’s reading if you want more in depth information.

What if I’ve studied Revelation many times before? There’s always more to learn from the book of Revelation. Always.

Isn’t Revelation too scary to read to kids? The beauty of Revelation is that it shows how Jesus wants to rescue us from the scary things in this world and make a new heaven and earth where there is no more evil. This is a wonderful thing to teach our children. Yes, some very young children may be sensitive, use your best judgement. However, reading Revelation is not as scary as many Disney movies, plus it’s true.

I don’t have kids, can I join the challenge too? Of course! Everyone is welcome.

Does it cost anything? Nope

How much time will it take? About 10-30 minutes, give or take. Read one chapter and answer three thought questions. A family might take more time that an individual.

When do we start? August 1, 2017

What if I missed the start date? Can I still take the challenge? Yes, we’ll leave the challenge sign up through the end of August. You will start receiving the challenge emails the day you sign up.

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