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Revelation Video Series with Gabrielle

Join Gabrielle as she walks kids through the book of Revelation. Important discoveries of faith and trust in God are made simple and memorable.

Check these out and share them with the kids and families in your life.

Part 1: Who wrote Revelation? What is a symbol?

Part 2: Why read Revelation? What does it mean? Discover 7 blessings.

Supplemental Written Lessons Available

If you want written lessons to supplement these videos, you can purchase The Seven Churches: Lessons from the Book of Revelation for Kids.

These lessons for kids on the seven churches of Revelation are easy to use and all about Jesus. This is a digital product delivered to your email to download. Build a firm foundation by teaching kids about Revelation with these fun, simple lessons. The first three lessons are an introduction to the book of Revelation covering the setting, the type of writings, and a quick tour of the themes of Revelation. The next eleven lessons cover the letters to the seven churches. Children will learn about Jesus’ great love for them and his instructions to avoid compromise with the world.

Activities include question and answer, fill in the blank, Bible memorization, crossword puzzles and word searches to  reinforce key concepts. Kids will readily grasp the key messages and discover a Jesus that loves and wants to save his children. The lessons are geared to proficient readers but may be used orally with younger children as well.

The Revelation lesson with my church kids was so great! They learned a lot & we’re so happy! Even the adults liked the material, too! God bless! -Grace

Introduction to Revelation: lessons for kids - FREE and SIMPLE

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