We’re here to help you teach kids about the love of Jesus found in the book of Revelation.

Are you looking for Bible studies, geared for kids, on the book of Revelation? Start with the Seven Churches Lessons for Kids. Build a firm foundation with the kids in your life. Lessons teach principles of love, humbleness, repentance, trust in God’s word, and not compromising with the world. Find out more by clicking below.


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Each section of Revelation is explained in a way even kids can understand. On every page, the side bar (or bottom if on mobile) will list chapters and topics or use the search bar found on every page.

Seven Seals

Three Angels



The Song of the Lamb

Right before the seven plagues are poured out, the people of God are singing the song of Moses and...


The Future

The Future

No More Sea

Why is there no more sea in the new heaven and new earth? I like the ocean! Is this a good thing...