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How It All Began

I’ve been trying out some poems for kids. Here’s a sample which might be called “How It All Began”. It’s an expansion of this quote.

“And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth” -Rev 12:4


How It All Began


There once was an angel all covered with light.

They say he was smart and I’m sure he was bright.

He covered the place where the Holy One sat,

His voice was quite grand and he never sang flat.

A covering cherub was his honor grand,

His job was to guard fast the laws of the land.

The laws of the land were both gracious and fair.

The Holy One ruled with great love and great care.

But the angel of light he grew restless one day,

“What would it be like to go my own way?”

He started to think he could rise far above

The Holy One seated on laws built of love.

“I could sit way up high on that lofty seat!

I could rule over all without missing a beat!”

“We could be just like Him, who needs these strict rules?

We know how to be holy. Do you think we are fools?”



His ideas they spread.

Soon angels were saying the old ways were dead.

The Holy One looked at his angels with dread,

He loved them so dearly but then shook His head.

“You may do what you wish to try out this new system

I won’t force you to follow the way I have given.

But here’s not the place, though I wish you could stay

You must go somewhere else, to try out your own way.”

One third of the angels  with their leader of light

Tried to stay up in heaven, they fought with great might!

The war it was tragic, but it did not last long

With God’s angels prevailing the rebels soon were gone.

Where did they go when they fell from the sky?

They came down to earth for to tell a big lie.

The lie that they tell is still told to this day.

You can be just like God just try out your own way.

But there’s only one way to be like God above

That’s to follow His true way, the one way of love.


Reference texts: Ezek 28:13-17; Ps. 19:7; John 8:44; Is. 53:6; Prov. 12:15; Prov. 21:2

Read Chapter 2 of this poem, “In the Beginning“.

Would love some feedback on this. If you’d like to see more or see it in a book form, leave a comment below.


Also, the first lessons for kids are available!  Introduction to Revelation


  • I’m enjoying this site. I finished BSF study of Revelation this past year and I’m teaching it to kids at my horse camp VBS this summer.

    • Excellent! I love BSF. They didn’t have a Revelation study when I was going. Glad they’re doing it now.