The Big Picture

In the Beginning

There’s a war on between Christ and Satan. It’s the central story of Revelation and the theme of chapter 12. In order to understand what’s going on, the writer of Revelation assumes that you’ve read the beginning of the Bible – Genesis. Before teaching kids about Revelation, make sure they have a good foundation of all the basic Bible stories.

I’ve been writing some poems for kids. Let me know if you find them compelling or useful.  Here’s chapter 2 of a poem on how it all began. Chapter one is here.


In the Beginning

In the beginning a garden there was.

The Holy One made it with words spoke in love.

It was perfect in beauty, there were no weeds or thorns.

Here was God’s gift of love for the humans He formed.

The man there was Adam, his wife’s name was Eve.

The Holy One asked them his word to believe.

“Yes, believe what I tell you, see that tree over there,

Do not touch it or eat it, oh please do beware!

The day that you eat from the fruit on that tree,

Is the day you will die and no longer be free!

Free from pain and from suffering, free from death and decay.

Oh please do not eat it, believe what I say!”

At first they were faithful to hear and obey.

But too soon they wandered, what a terrible day!

Eve stood by the tree and heard a soft voice.

A bright serpent said, “You sure do have a choice!

If you eat of this fruit, Your eyes will be opened.

Do not worry my dear ‘bout those words God has spoken!

Eat it right now, you’ll be wise just like me.

God’s rules are quite silly, come with me and be free!”

So she ate of the fruit, as did Adam that day.

In that moment they chose just to go their own way.

The Holy One looked at this couple with dread.

He loved them so dearly and with tears shook his head.

“You have done what you wish, you’ll live out this new system.

I can’t force you to follow this love I have given.

But here’s not the place, though I wish you could stay.

You must go somewhere else to try out your own way.

It will surely be hard, the way will be rough.

The thorns will now grow, the work will be tough.”

Then he said to the snake who had tricked them to fall,

“You will lie in the dust, on your belly you’ll crawl.

But watch out lying snake, my plan will make a way,

To break free from this mess, with my blood I will pay.

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