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Bible & Prayer Journaling for Kids and Teens

7 Simple Steps to Bible & Prayer Journaling for kids, teens and grownups too.

You know it’s important to be in God’s Word. You want your kids to develop a devotional life. But how do you start? How do you make it interesting, meaningful and manageable for them? Here’s a simple step by step sequence that is easy to follow for kids, teens or grownups.

7 Steps to Bible & Prayer Journaling

  1. Do it Daily. Set aside a special time and place to meet with God everyday. Make it the same place and the same time to develop consistency.
  2. Gospels only. When beginning, stick to the gospels and to one book in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). Start in the beginning and read the stories in order.
  3. Read One Story. Read one story a day, whether the story is one verse or fifteen verses.
  4. Reread the Story. Turn it into a movie in your mind. Think of the five senses. What sounds would you hear? Does it involve tasting something? What do you feel on your skin? What details do you see? What would you feel like if you were in the story as different characters?
  5. Think About Jesus. What does this story tell me about Jesus?
  6. Journal the Following:
    • Write the date & verse in red pen
    • Write an “email” to Jesus (this is private from you to Jesus)
    • Write what you think Jesus is telling you in this story
  7. Kneel & Pray. Make this a kneeling prayer. Kneel down on the floor to pray, every time, everyday, in the same place.
    • Thank Jesus for something.
    • Pray for yourself – to do, to learn and to grow in Jesus.
    • Pray for others. Choose 1-3 people to pray for specifically.
    • Ask everyday for the Holy Spirit to fill you and help you become more like Jesus.

These steps to prayer and journaling are adapted from Pastor Dwight Nelson and his 7 Steps for a New Way to Pray.