The Big Picture

A Quick Tour of Revelation

Revelation can be overwhelming. Here’s a simple tour to get started.


The Seven Churches7 churches

Jesus sends a message to John and tells him to send it to the Seven Churches. These messages contain important information, both good and bad, about the condition of the churches and how to overcome through Jesus. These letters are for all times, then and now.

7 seals

The Seven Seals

Only Jesus is worthy to open the seals, because only Jesus died to save us from our sins. The breaking seals unfold the gospel and what happens when people accept or reject the gospel message. They are a warning to repent.

The Seven Trumpets7 trumpets

Seven angels blow seven trumpets as both a sign that he hears our prayers and as a warning. God begins to withdraw his protection and allows terrible plagues to convince people to repent. These trumpets are judgment mixed with mercy. However, most people will not listen. The seventh trumpet is very good for God’s people, but very bad for everyone else. The end is coming and God is sending urgent warnings to a dying world. He does not wish that any would be lost.

Dragon, beast, false prophet

The Dragon, Beast, and False Prophet

The Dragon (Satan) makes war with the woman (God’s people). The Beast (a power that works for the dragon) tries to take over the world. Most of the world follows this power. The False Prophet (another beast power) causes the world to worship the first beast or face death. God’s people do not worship the beast. They obey the commandments of God and believe Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

The Three Angels Messages3 angels messages

This is the heart of Revelation. God’s message of mercy goes to all the world. His judgment is come. The angels say worship the Creator, Babylon is fallen, and if you worship the beast you will experience God’s wrath, which is separation from His protecting love.

Seven Last PlaguesSeven Last Plagues

These final plagues represent victory for God’s people and complete destruction for everyone else. God will not let evil go on forever. He will rescue his people in answer to their prayers. The seventh plague brings a great earthquake and Jesus comes to rescue his people.

The Fall of BabylonFall of Babylon

God calls his people to come out of Babylon, a deceptive and false system of worship and power. Babylon is finally destroyed by the plagues. All Heaven rejoices.

2nd coming - 1,000 years

The Second Coming & the 1,000 Years

Jesus comes as King of Kings to rescue his people. The dead in Christ are raised from the dead. Satan is bound for 1,000 years. The wicked are raised at the end of the 1,000 years to face God’s final judgment and the lake of fire.

A New Heaven & A New EarthNew Heaven & New Earth

The Holy City, the New Jerusalem, comes down from God out of Heaven. Heaven and earth are made new and there is no more curse from sin. God wipes away every tear and there is no more death.

Jesus says he is the beginning and the end. He blesses those that do his commandments and invites all to come to Him and drink freely of the water of life. Three times Jesus says in the last chapter that He is coming quickly. He is coming soon because all His words are true.

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  • I’m in love with the way of the easy breakdown to tell the kids when you reading the Bible and reading the book of Revelations is sometimes scary with dragons and Beast and with your illustrations and you’re easy reading and what the prophet means and the symbolism the children are not afraid at all… They start catching themselves at what the symbols are and become very interested thank you oh so very much