Hi Friends! Welcome to the Revelation for Kids website where I (Shama) do my very best to share the beautiful truths of Revelation in simplified language even kids can understand.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of Revelation and yet know it’s important?
  • Do you have a desire to share the Revelation of Jesus with the kids and teens in your life but need some resources?
  • Are you looking for truth based on the Word of God alone?

You’ve come to the right place! Jesus is coming soon and I don’t think He intends for the information in Revelation to either be forgotten, misunderstood, or misused to frighten kids. Welcome to the Revelation for Kids website.

What You’ll Find Here

This website exists to help you share Jesus’ great love found in the book of Revelation with kids. Bits of every chapter are explained in simplified language so even kids can understand. Studying Revelation has changed my life and I’m excited to share that with my kids and yours.

I usually post 2-3 times a month and send a newsletter once a month. I’d love to post more frequently but it’s the most I can manage for now. To sign up for the newsletter click here and receive 8 Tips for Teaching Revelation to Kids as a free bonus.

If you’re new to the site, here are some links to help you get started.

The Philosophy

Sharing the book of Revelation is a daunting task and one I don’t take lightly. My philosophy is to stick as closely as possible to the biblical text with a little historical background thrown in when helpful. Letting the Bible interpret the Bible is my guiding principle. The focus always returns to Jesus because after all, it is a book about Him.

For my personal thoughts on the book of Revelation, click the following link. Revelation: A Love Story

My Story

I never set out to be an expositor of apocalyptic literature. But over time and with much patience, God has encouraged me to share what I’ve learned and am still learning about Him through the book of Revelation, especially in a way that’s simple enough for kids to understand.

I’m a wife, nutritionist, homeschooling mom, and writer. One of my hobbies is studying the Bible. Through studying Revelation, Jesus transformed my life. Here’s a bit of what happened.

Growing up in a christian home, I always had a love for Jesus. But I never learned how to really study the Bible for myself or fully surrender my life to God – but I thought I had. As an adult I attended a women’s Bible study one year and learned how to dig deeply into the word of God. While there I realized we should be studying Bible prophecy for ourselves. The theories flying around were scattered and dubious. Certain that Revelation had the answers I volunteered to facilitate a study on Revelation. Twelve women signed up. Oops!

I had never led a Bible study, EVER! Panic set in. Undaunted, I moved forward in faith.

Prayer and miracles do co-exist because after twelve months of graduate thesis level studying sans the diploma, three determined ladies and I finished the last of 22 lessons on the book of Revelation written by…. me. God does have a sense of humor. My husband thought I’d gone a bit loony. My life began to change in a multitude of ways. God led me on a journey of surrender that was mind boggling.

Six years later my life was full homeschooling my two boys, tending a burgeoning garden, and loving on my faithful husband. I still had a special place in my heart for the book of Revelation. One friend called me the “Revelation Lady”. Something urged me to start this little blog for kids on Revelation but after a few posts… I promptly forgot about it and went on with my busy life. A year later a message popped into my inbox, “I like what you’re doing here, but where’s the rest of it?” Oops again!

Profusely apologizing to God, I got back to work.










Studying and applying what I’ve learned in the Revelation of Jesus has profoundly changed my life in unexpected ways. With God’s grace and power I hope to pass that on to my kids and anyone else who’d like to join me on this journey.

Thoughts and Thanks

All thoughts on this blog are my own. Any errors are also due to my limited human understanding of things way beyond myself. The following authors and speakers have great Bible based insights on the book of Revelation. Though we may not agree on every detail, I’m grateful for their diligent work.

I really appreciate you checking out Revelation for Kids. I hope you leave here feeling supported and encouraged to share more of Jesus great love with the kids in your life.

In Christ,