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We’re here to help you teach kids about the love of Jesus found in the book of Revelation. New to our site? Here’s where to start.

  1. Grab our “Introduction to Revelation” lessons for kids here.
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More content is added each month as time allows. Below you will find simple bite sized explanations for various topics in Revelation broken down into the following themes: The Big Picture, The Seven Churches, The Seven Seals, The Seven Trumpets, Dragons & Beasts, Three Angels, Plagues, Babylon, & The Future. There’s a lot to explore and we’re adding more every month.

Pray for me and I’ll pray for you! My goal and prayer is that more kids learn about Jesus’ great love found in the book of Revelation!

God bless! -Shama

The Big Picture

Seven Churches

Seven Seals

Three Angels



The Future

The Future

Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, holy, holy The Bible uses the word holy or holiness over 400 times. The creatures around...

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